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Ultra-processed and junk foods:

Pandemic of Dysbiosis

Extinction of Humanity?

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Modern food (from the 1950s to today) in Western countries has become too rich and unbalanced, in particular, because of the massive spread of "junk food" (fast-food, snacks, sugary sodas) and ultra-processed industrial foods. This new diet compared to our diets of thousands of past years, participates in the emergence of diseases such as metabolic diseases (morbid obesity, type 2 diabetes, hepatic steatosis) which in turn lead to higher risks to develop other diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases and psychiatric illnesses.

Over the past ten years, we have witnessed major scientific discoveries concerning the human intestinal flora (microbiota). Imbalances of the intestinal microbiota (dysbiosis) were part of or participate in the onset or aggravation of the diseases mentioned.

The number of diseases that scientific research finds to be correlated with dysbiosis continues to increase.

Restoring healthy microbiota will be a major public health issue.


- Fecal microbiota transplant: medical act applied only for the treatment of a few targeted dysbiosis. It is a heavy procedure and psychologically unacceptable by the population.

- Change your diet for a balanced Mediterranean / Cretan type diet, rich in fruits and vegetables and therefore rich in fibre, poor in rapid sugars, rich in good quality fat (omega-3, omega-8), source of vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants.

This requires knowledge in nutrition, time and skills in cooking.


The ambition of Goldeen Jar™ is to enable sophisticated clients of luxury products to acquire vintage jars of Grand Cru Gojarine aged in oak barrels. 

The vintage Gojarines Grands Crus signed by Goldeen Jar™:

- improve and increase in value over time,

- are a food reserve with high nutritional value that can be kept for decades,

- flatter your gourmet palate

- and are a source of rejuvenation for your microbiota and your health.

Note: Just as the products of the alcoholic fermentation of fruits or cereals have generic names such as wine, whiskey, vodka, cider, sake ..., the term Gojarine is the generic term designating the product of the lactic fermentation of vegetables.

Secret Sauce

Goldeen Jar™ will transpose the knowledge and know-how deployed by great winemakers for the production of the finest Gojarine, ranging from the selection of vegetables, the fermentation and aging of vegetables in oak barrels to the bottling using traceability agented labels. 

Lacto-fermented vegetables are a natural source of probiotics (microorganisms beneficial to your microbiota), prebiotics (dietary fibres beneficial to the intestinal implantation of probiotics), and vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants. Other molecules are also suspected to be produced by the fermentation of vegetables, such as molecules that positively regulate mood and protect against depression (which provide these fermented vegetables with a certain addictiveness).

In addition, lacto-fermentation also induces the development of molecules with organoleptic properties that flatter the senses of taste and smell.

Therefore, the consumption of lacto-fermented vegetables is more attractive compared to raw or heat-cooked vegetables.

Incorporating lacto-fermented vegetables into our diet is therefore the simplest way to prevent dysbiosis.

The production and consumption of fermented vegetables have been known for millennia from the time we discovered the effect of salt on food preservation. Our modern diet has made us forget the ancestral fermented vegetables relegated to more or less folk specialities (such as German sauerkraut which is sold less expensive per kilo than the raw green cabbage from which it comes!).

Thanks to scientific discoveries about the microbiota and the correlations between dysbiosis and diseases, there is now a renewed interest in lacto-fermented vegetables. Even if there is a real craze (Facebook groups with more than 14,000 members publishing their recipes and photos of fermented vegetables every day), it remains limited to people concerned about their health and followers of "natural" medicine.

The production of fermented vegetables remains for the most part a "home-made" production or made by small craft businesses with direct or short sales channels and their products are distributed locally.

The spread and consumption of fermented vegetables by a majority of the population remains difficult because producing fermented vegetables at home requires:

  • time (2 months minimum to benefit from the fermentation effect), 
  • storage space for the jars, 
  • and know-how (even if it is quite easy). 

In addition, there is always a risk of food poisoning to be aware of.

The value proposition of Goldeen Jar™ is above all to bet on a remarkable positioning ie Luxury.

This research to increase the perceived value will be performed from the selection of vegetable varieties, their organic/permaculture culture on a particular terroir, their harvest at full maturity, the selection of vegetables that will enter into fermentation, and the fermentation itself will be done in oak barrels. We will perform microbiological and toxicological analyzes on the finished product, until bottling with a certified vintage on the label.

The aim will be to transpose the science and art of producing luxury wines to fermented vegetables. The targeted clients will thus be able to acquire jars of vintage Grands Crus fermented vegetables that they can collect, consume (for their pleasure or their health) or resell after a certain period of storage with the hope of a capital gain.

Why such a “Luxury” positioning to ultimately democratize the consumption of fermented vegetables?

Specialized in the production and sales of lacto-fermented plants, young US companies with ultra-punchy branding and overdoped with tens of millions of dollars from VC investors will soon surge in France and Europe.

Will these US "startups" sweep away our small craft businesses like a gust of wind on a piece of straw?

Or do you think that the loyalty of consumers and their attachment to "made-in-local" will allow our small businesses to resist?

To face the financial power of US venture capital companies and their reactivity in investing and structuring innovative businesses, it is our know-how in the luxury industry that will allow us to win the hearts of customers in France but also and above all internationally, it is our conviction at Goldeen Jar™.

Luxury positioning is one of the most efficient ways of arousing desire and favouring the spread of a novelty.

In France, we have everything to become a leader in the market of fermented vegetables (best climate for agriculture, fertile soils, sane environment and exceptional know-how in organic farming and wine-making, and cutting-edge science as support - agronomy, microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry, oenology ...).

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-Impact on the target clientele: to have the possibility of acquiring a luxury product equivalent to the vintage grand cru wine for aging, and to be tasted accompanied by an exceptional wine.

-Impact on farmers: access to an export channel for French organic agriculture.

-Impact on small craft businesses producing fermented vegetables: access to an export sales channel.

-Impact on oenologists: to have the opportunity to practice their art in a new sector.

-Impact on coopers: to have a new clientele, vegetable fermenters.

-Impact on wine merchants: to offer their customers a luxury product that complements their beverage offer.

-Impact on retailers (luxury grocery stores, caterers, wine bars, wine merchants): to offer their customers a luxury product that complements their beverage offer.

Join the Movement!

Join the Goldeen Jar™ initiative, we need talents, organic farmers, scientists (agronomists, microbiologists, biochemists, chemists, oenologists ...), engineers in agronomy and agrifood, full-stack web developers, industrial designers, experts in marketing and digital communication ...

... Let's create together the business that will save the West!

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