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GOLDEEN JAR proposes to sophisticated clients of luxury products to acquire vintage jars of Grand Cru Gojarine aged in oak barrel.

The vintage Grand Cru Gojarines:

  • improve and increase in value over time,
  • are a food reserve with high nutritional value that can be kept for decades,
  • flatter your gourmet palate
  • and are a source of rejuvenation for your microbiota and your health.

[ Just as the products of the alcoholic fermentation of fruits or cereals have generic names such as wine, whiskey, vodka, cider, sake ..., the term Gojarine is the generic term designating the product of the lactic fermentation of vegetables. ]

The Why of Goldeen Jar™

Like wine, lactofermentation of vegetables has been known and practiced for thousands of years. A sealed jar of fermented vegetable can be stored for several years.

Like wine, the fermentation of vegetables allows the development of new aromas and flavors appreciated by gourmets.

Unlike wine (resulting from the alcoholic fermentation of grape sugar), the fermentation of vegetables does not produce alcohol, but lactic acid. Lactofermented vegetables can be eaten without moderation.

The recent discoveries of the microbiota (intestinal flora) and its role in human health, lactofermented vegetables (for their contribution in prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins and antioxidants) have gained a resurgence of interest, but this craze is still confined to people concerned about their health (especially women followers of natural health).

Until now, the jars and canned lacto-fermented vegetables are produced mostly at home or by artisan producers.

Microbiota = prebiotics (dietary fiber) + probiotics (microbes - bacteria, yeasts, phages - beneficial to our health) + our intestinal cells

Time to Market

We are convinced there is also an opportunity to bring lactofermented vegetables to another audience, an international audience (high-income men and women with an investor profile and consumer of luxury products).

We are also convinced that Goldeen Jar will bring value to the French organic farmers and to all the wine and gastronomy professions (winegrowers, oenologists, sommeliers, wine merchants, gourmet chefs, caterers and luxury grocery stores).

The choice of a luxury product positioning is part of our Strategy to reach our objective that is to democratize the consumption of lactofermented vegetables by as many people as possible


Our ambition is to transfer the know-how of winemaking, oenology and marketing of wine to lactofermented vegetables ... and the dream is to make France the land of the Gojarine!

Under the patronage of Sucellos, the Celtic god of life and harvests, Goldeen Jar will be a High-Science Low-Tech company rooted in 4000 years-old of Tradition, just like the great French vineyards producing exceptional Grand Cru wines.